Flying Saucer Toy Recalled Because It Taught Kids That The Nazi’s Went To Space

Flying Saucer Toy

I have seen many UFO shows on the History Channel and I am sure you have to which dive deep into the secret history of UFO’s. One of the things that these shows dive into is how the Nazi’s were trying with UFO’s and space travel, which is they never achieved.

A model toy company Revell recently released a set in Germany that makes it look like one of the Nazi flying saucers worked and they went to space.

In its product description, the toy is described as a “round aircraft” and “the first object in the world capable of flying in space.” The description goes on to say that the aircraft can fly “up to speeds of 6,000 km/hr” and it was not produced after its test phase in 1943 due to WWII.

The hilarious part is considering the saucer aircraft never existed! This isn’t making historians very pleased. Historian Jens Wehner from the Military History Museum told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper last week, “At that time it was technologically impossible to build something like this… Enthusiasts can use this as a strategy to cast doubt on what we know today about National Socialism.”

The toy company says it agrees with the MHM, adding that “it is, in fact, a legendary, extraordinary aircraft which cannot be proven in terms of its existence. Unfortunately, our product description does not adequately express this and we apologize for it.”

A spokeswoman said that Revell explicitly distances itself from any kind of glorification of wars and the Nazi era. The company will stop making and selling the product, adding that criticism of it is “absolutely justified.”

Via: The Local

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