Only Fools and Horses Lego Set is Coming And It Includes 3 Wheel Van with Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert

Only Fools and Horses Lego Set

Only Fools And Horses is one of the iconic TV shows come out from the United Kingdom. It is one of my favorite shows which I love to watch it still. It got the same pull as the FRIENDS but it has a specific storyline — and that is ‘We Will Be Millionaires This Time Next Year.’ and I am very excited to see a Lego version of the iconic three wheel van, Lovely Jubbly DEL, Dip Stick RODNEY and the ship sinking jinx Uncle Albert. And, of course, the van comes complete with Del’s suitcase of hooky gear.

You can click here to support the Lego set at Lego Ideas and make it become a reality, Which I think will become a reality soon.

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