Foreign Film Knock Off “BOLLYWOOD SUPERMAN”


Bollywood Superman is both easy and difficult to explain. Much like other foreign rip offs of American films it blatantly flaunts international copyright restrictions, both in content and story. It follows the familiar story of an alien baby from Krypton sent to Earth to escape its destruction that is raised into the great superhero by a kind family in a rural village.


Even knowing that story, the movie somehow still manages to make absolutely no sense. The “Clark Kent” character is named Senkhar and after discovering his powers he goes to the big city to find his childhood sweetheart Gita. Unfortunately, the “Lex Luthor” character Verma is also battling for Gita’s affections. So he figures the best way to do this is to blow up half of India and buy up all the new coastal areas, much like in the original Richard Donner Superman.

The movie also uses the soundtrack. Oh and Michael Jackson’s Beat It, which Senkhar breakdances to for his Earth parents. I can best sum it up as saying that even if I spoke Hindi, I could only guess at what’s happening. The straightforward plot I described above is barely discernible under all the nonsense. Take, for example, the scene in which Indian Superman is on an airplane and does a two minute long pee pee dance. Then some hijackers show up and he defeats them after peeing for a long time. Is there a dance number? Would it be a Bollywood movie if it wasn’t?

Got more time? Watch the whole thing here and you be laughing your ass off the whole time. If you can understand the lingo that is.

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