Foreign Film Knock Offs: “The Finnish Hobbit”

The Finnish Hobbit

Even though it is 450 minutes long, broken into 30 minute segments, it is greatly abridged. GREATLY. It basically only tells the story of Frodo and Sam taking the ring to Mordor. Everything else is pretty much cut out. Probably because this thing had a $30 budget or 20 Euro. It’s as if a high school AV club got together with the theater club and decided to make The Lord of The Rings. The best character is Gollum, who is basically just a weird bald dude painted yellow (I am not kidding). I also like Gandalf because he kind of looks like if Edgar Winter and Barry Gibb had a baby. This is insanity!

I think these 8 minutes will be enough for you to watch, If you watch anymore a Blackhole will be created and you will get sucked in it.

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