Forget the World Around You: 10 TV Shows With The Most Twisted Plots

Many people assume that TV shows can be interesting, but they will never manage to compete with the stories and situations in real life. For sure, you have a certain circle of friends, beloved people, and many other things to do. What can be more thrilling than live communication and having fun with dear people? TV shows are created in artificial circumstances and their plot can have a doubtful impression on the audience.

Anyhow, nowadays we witness a comprehensive breakthrough within all spheres of our lives and TV production is not an exception. There is a whole bunch of TV shows, which make people awake at night, force them to hurry from work, and distract them from their everyday writing tasks. What are these shows, which bring people to turn on their TV sets at a certain time every day and steal them from the real world?

  1. American Crime

These TV series will show you the real and terrible realities of life, which are faced by numerous people every day. What to do if a person is accidentally involved in the crime and does not know how to live further? Discover a terrifying story about the sexual assaulting of teenagers and posting photos of an accident on social networks. TV show provides no conclusions or solutions; there is a space for your own considerations and decisions.

  1. Freud: Bette and Joan

What can make people more curious than the conflicts and confrontation of other people, especially if they are famous? Experience shows that we like to dish the dirt sometimes. This TV show provides us with such an opportunity by staging the battle between Bette (Susan Sarandon) and Joan (Jessica Lange). The plot takes place during the shooting of their film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” and describes their backstage conflicts and competition.


  1. Sense8

Sisters Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski created this drama exclusively for Netflix. The fascinating plot is about eight strangers, who live in different parts of the world, but suddenly discovered to have a certain emotional connection. They can exchange their knowledge, skills and communicate with each other. Episodes show us their usual life along with experiencing these unusual powers. This TV series is really something unique and special.

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Feel the lack of adventures in your life? The main hero (Rebecca Bunch) of the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” TV series does not have issues with this. She can change everything completely and struggle for her new goals. She relocated, finds a new job and new friends, and has a strong desire to change the Ex-Girlfriend status. Watch this catching story and find out whether Rebecca will succeed in her attempts and what adventures she will face on her difficult path.


  1. Call the Midwife

The plot of these drama series takes place in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The story tells about three nurses, who work in the poor London district and help bring children into this world. Their life and work are described within the context of the historical events of that time, such as post-war immigration and the baby boom. It is a thrilling story with its own charm and deepness, which can hardly leave you indifferent.


  1. Glow

Glow stands for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and represents TV series about actress Ruth Wilder. At the moment she has no job and receives an invitation to participate in the audition for a TV show about women wrestling. Here she manages to argue with the director and another actress and her friend Debbi Eagan. This confrontation promises to make the show challenging and exciting.


  1. Scandal

The audience did not always perceive this political thriller positively, but six seasons and numbers of viewers had proved that this is a very successful TV show. Olivia Pope owns a crisis management firm and together with her employees, she helps rich people to cope with their complicated problems. Also, the plot focuses on some important political figures from the White House, who is Olivia’s former co-workers.


  1. Love

Love is an internal topic, which provides an untethered source for new stories, considerations, and opinions. View the relations between men and women from the perspective, which is opened by the famous TV show. Gus is an ordinary guy, who faces some disappointments in romantic relationships, due to his even temper. Mickey leads quite the opposite way of life. Do they have the chance for the future together? Let’s find out.


  1. Lost

These extremely popular TV series tell about the crash of a jet airliner and survived passengers, who as a result, appeared to be on the tropical island. The plot surprises with its mysteriousness and combines the mainline with the secondary lines, describing the story of each passenger. Episodes catch attention by their outstanding structure and the whole idea of the series is astonishing.

  1. The Mentalist

This TV series includes 7 seasons and manages to gather millions of viewers for each episode. Is it possible to read people’s thoughts and find out whether they are telling truth? Patrick Jane, who works as a consultant to the CBI, proves that it is quite possible and helps his colleagues to catch numerous criminals and closes many cases. It is an unusual and thrilling story of a man with outstanding skills with a background of his personal drama.

These TV shows and series astonished millions of people and appeared to be their attraction for numerous reasons. No one can resist such twisted and touching plots, and what about you?

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