Fortnite Has Removed Building In New Season


Building is a core part of Fortnite, as inseparable from its essence as cross-promotions, but it’s a deal-breaker for many players. The skill gap between people who want to try out the famous battle royale while outfitting as Spider-Man may be, and the sweatiest key-rebinding builders skilled at constructing towers and fortresses quickly, can seem insurmountable. A “no-build mode” has been told a bunch of times, and as part of Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite has one—for now at least.

The removal of the building feature is explained in the latest story trailer. Well, it’s sort of justified. Doctor Slone of the Imagined Order, who are the present-day bad guys, uses a device to dematerialize all the buildings Fortnite players are using as protection, but there’s no time to explain because Doctor Strange instantly appears along with Iron Man and a half-dozen other Marvel characters.

While players will still be able to build in competitive and arena playlists as well as in team rumble, creative islands, and Save the World default Fortnite has building disabled. To rebalance around the absence of instantaneous wall construction, gamers get an overshield on top of their normal shield and health, which will recover even if it’s fallen to zero. Running upgrades let players parkour around more easily rather than having to create their way across the island, with boosted speed and the expansion of mantling. Doors can now be opened without slowing down too, Get inside by sliding into them or using a new shoulder bash.

Since players will be using vehicles to get around more, repair torches have been added to repair them, and vehicles can also be modified by throwing on cowcatchers. New weapons have been added, a combat SMG and a striker burst rifle, and 10 of the weapons from Chapter 3 Season 1 return, along with several unvaulted guns.

The Imagined Order’s takeover of the island is represented by the occupation of points of interest, which will be defended by blimps and artillery, and can be taken back in the name of the Resistance. How is Doctor Strange involved in all this? He’s one of the characters you can unlock with the Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass, after unlocking Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, The Imagined, Kiara K.O., The Origin, and Erisa. No, I don’t know who they are either. But later in the season, you’ll be able to unlock Spider-Man villain the Prowler, so that’s neat.

Removing a central element of a Fortnite-like building may seem like it wouldn’t work, but obviously, a lot of work has gone into tweaking the gameplay around that. And Fortnite’s done quite well out of events that remove the option to shoot people, and of course out of converting itself into a battle royale in the first place, so there’s certainly a precedent for triumphant reinvention. If the change proves famous, and if the overnight queues are anything to go by it has so far, It can be a permanent thing.

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