FORTNITE Is Now Coming To China Next


The very popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is going to release in China next. Developer Epic Games posted an image on Twitter yesterday showing the fictional passport of Jonesy, which is the very famous character from the game. The interesting part of the image is that the passport is stamped for entry into China on April 23, which is probably a clue on the game’s release date in the country.

We are not surprised by this fact that Epic Games would like to release their game in China given that the country is a huge market for games. However, just as Fortnite’s opponent PUBG learned, hacking and cheating are major concerns in China. In fact, PUBG previously reported that around 90% of cheaters in the game came from China. Given Epic Games’ stance on cheaters in the past, it will definitely be interesting to see how Fortnite will handle the Chinese market.

Besides the tweet suggesting Fortnite’s attempt to enter China, not many details were released at this moment. We don’t know in which gaming consoles Fortnite will be available in. However, Chinese gamers prefer PC and mobile gaming rather than home consoles such as the Xbox One and PS4

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