Four Films That Tackle Mental Health 

It can be comforting to watch films that accurately depict individuals with mental health issues. Some movies stigmatize characters that have a mental illness, while others do a better job of portraying how people cope with these problems. It’s helpful for people who struggle with mental health challenges to watch individuals with similar issues work through them on screen. Here are four films that tackle mental health in a way that makes you feel less alone.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind 

In Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Clementine and Joel go through a painful breakup. Clementine undergoes a brain procedure to forget her painful breakup with Joel. After learning that his girlfriend has erased his memories of him, Joel decides to go through the same surgery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go so well, and he is in agony. Clementine is a free-spirited woman who clearly suffers from a mental health condition. Viewers have speculated that she has a borderline personality disorder, and the film depicted the condition accurately. Joel seems to suffer from a different mental health condition. He could possibly have anxiety and depression. The film shows how borderline personality disorder can display in an individual; it also illustrates how people cope with heartbreak and how it can exacerbate mental health issues.

Dead Poets Society 

Dead Poets Society 

Dead Poets Society is a film starring Robin Williams as a High school English teacher named Mr. Keating. The film tackles complex issues such as depression and suicide. It shows how teenagers struggle with mental health concerns and how adults can be mentors to these boys. The film was a groundbreaking piece because it attempted to humanize people with mental illness. Neil is a character who suffers from depression. He eventually chooses to end his life when his father doesn’t allow him to pursue his dreams. The film is also empowering and shows the complex identity issues that teenage boys go through in their lives.

Pixar's Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out is an animated children’s movie that shows what happens in our brain to create emotions. Sadness, anger, joy, and disgust live inside of the head of a little girl named Riley. She struggles to express each feeling, and we get to know human emotion through these different characters. For example, anger is a little red fireball that flies off the handle. It’s an anthropomorphism of various mental states that helps children understand what they’re feeling. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of mental health to young people. It’s essential to start learning about mental illness at a young age. That way, if children struggle with it, they know how to cope with these issues. Parents can start the conversation with their kids at a young age by watching this film.


A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind chronicles the story of Dr. John Nash. He is a brilliant mathematician who starts becoming paranoid. He can’t seem to understand what’s going on in his mind. He’s having problematic thoughts, which get worse and worse. His wife starts to worry that something is wrong. Eventually, Nash is diagnosed with schizophrenia. The film accurately depicts one man’s journey to find out what is happening to his mental state. It doesn’t stigmatize the condition of schizophrenia. It illustrates what it’s like to cope with the condition, how it impacts the person and those around them. Despite his challenges, Nash achieves outstanding success in his career.


Learn more about mental health

It’s crucial to learn more about mental health issues so you can understand yourself and others. You can watch films that accurately depict characters with mental illness and discuss them with others. Talking openly and honestly about the topic helps fight stigma. You can read more about these concerns on Mind Diagnostics. There are many films that depict mental illness that you can identify with, depending on what condition you have. If you’re struggling, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of a mental health professional. You are not alone, and you can get the support you need.


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