Four Links Between Food and Sex


On some subconscious level, we all know there’s a link between food and sex, even if we can’t quite place our fingers on it. For example, you know that certain kinds of food make you horny, and some other foods can turn you off. You also know you’re more responsive to sexual advances after eating certain meals.

We’re going to discuss four links between food and sex that are backed by science and research.


Certain types of foods are aphrodisiacs.

There are many links between food and sex, but one of the most significant is that some foods can actually increase your desire for sex. These foods have been studied extensively, and some researches have shown that they actually alter brain chemistry. They promote the secretion of hormones that encourage sexual activity.

Some of the aphrodisiac foods include maca, Tribulus, Ginkgo biloba, red ginseng, and even pistachio nuts. It’s interesting to note that these foods have some other side benefits as well. Some of them increase energy, decrease stress levels, and even lower blood pressure.

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Sex makes you hungry.

This is one of the most obvious links between food and sex. Having sex takes a lot of physical energy, and it’s only natural to want to grab a bite afterward. Some people may even prefer to eat some hours before having sex.

The reason why sex makes you hungry traces back to our bodies’ biochemistry. During sexual activity, many muscles in your body contract and relax, consuming energy. You need food to replace and replenish this energy, or you wouldn’t have enough to do anything else.


Women respond to romance better on a full stomach.

Women are simply more responsive to romantic and sexual cues on a full stomach. This is a fact that most women already know. Now, we have it documented in research. In a particular study, women were shown videos of couples being romantic toward each other while the researchers scanned their brains.

The images confirmed that the women had more activity in their brains when they had calories in their system. One theory suggests that once hunger is satisfied, women (and people in general) can concentrate on other things more easily. For one thing, this research suggests that if you want to get romantic with your partner, it may be a good idea to order at Jollibee Lucky Plaza first.


Some people believe food is as good as sex.

Recent research has shown that millennials believe food is just as desirable as sex. About 12,000 individuals were recruited for the study, and they were asked a series of questions about the subject. A surprising 54% agreed that eating good food can almost be as pleasurable as having sex.

Interestingly, most of the people who agreed were women. Many men in the study would still pick sex over food. These findings are especially interesting when you think about them in relation to the fact that women respond to romance better on a full stomach. Maybe the saying that goes, “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is wrong. Maybe food is actually the key to a woman’s heart.

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