Four Real World Crimes That Would Make Great Movies

Four Real World Crimes That Would Make Great Movies

Who does not like a great mystery or international crime movie? From James Bond to Ben Matlock, the world of crime produces a wide variety of on-screen ideas that keep us glued to the television for hours on end. Murder mysteries and spies sneaking around in the dark are just a couple of the classic examples of the types of great crime flicks that many of us grew up watching when we were young. Today, cyber-crimes are another area in which one could spin a good crime story or two. But the real clincher that keeps us on the edge of our seats is always the suspense. Without that primary attribute, most crime films would not be able to carry the audience and keep them interested for long. And let’s not forget the films that add a very realistic feel, because the story being told is based in whole or in part on a real world event. Here are some examples of real crimes that would stand a good chance of becoming a great movie.

Conspiracy Murder In A Modern Manson Family Film

The story of Charles Manson and the rash of criminal activities that he and the famed Manson Family were involved in is cemented into American pop culture. What makes the tale of conspiracy and murder so intriguing is how much sway Manson had over others to get them to commit such horrific criminal acts. To portray this story as something of a psychological thriller would certainly give the story a more memorable feel. Though documentaries have surfaced over the years, the ambition of such a story done in the light of modern filming techniques would certainly make for an immediate blockbuster.

Burglary And The Barefoot Bandit

Imagine a criminal so bold that he sometimes robs homes in his bare feet. The crime of burglary is not anything new that the public is not familiar with, but Colton Harris-Moore is reported to have burglarized at least 100 different residences. What makes Colton such an interesting movie character is his psychological profile of depression, ADD, and intermittent explosive disorder all wrapped up into one. Plus, Colton has an amazing capacity to grab public sympathy, live off the land, allude police and he even managed to steal air craft to boot. It is an action packed tale of criminal-activity revolving around an intriguing and sympathetic protagonist that would be a great summer hit.

Domestic Terrorism And The “Unabomber”

Another key figure of real criminal activity that would make for an interesting character-driven movie is the story of Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the “Unabomber”. What makes the “Unabomber” story such a great movie idea is that Kaczynski was subjected to the whims of the Harvard-based CIA Mkultra experiments before he later engaged in the heinous acts of domestic terror that he is now noted for causing. The movie could beg the question as to if Kaczynski was truly to blame for the change in personality that drove him to become such a dangerous recluse, or if the admitted harshness of the Mkultra experiments were responsible for leading him down the path of domestic terror. A combination of conspiracy theory, psychological horror, and the hunt for a terrorist would all make for an exciting crime film with popular appeal.

Handwriting Analysis Used In The Bruno Hauptman Trial

Another great movie idea, based in a real crime, would be the story of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr. What makes this example a great movie idea stems from its being a period piece, taking place back in the 1930’s. A forensic handwriting expert in San Diego reports that the investigation which lead police to Bruno Richard Hauptman would eventually give rise to the use of handwriting analysis to expose Hauptman as the murderer. This being the key piece of evidence needed to ensure Hauptman’s conviction in court. Portraying the ordeal through modern film might provide a richer insight into the original investigation and trial.

The history of criminal activity is replete with interesting stories that could easily be put to film. The above four examples introduce a divergence in the motives, mindsets, and types of crime committed. Plus the individuals committing the crimes themselves are either well known by the general public, or associated in some way with people who are prominent in the public eye. this additional aspect lends itself to the creation of a great movie, because it introduces a historical and somewhat iconic element that many members of the viewing audience can relate to in order to give them a cultural and historical context of the story they witness.

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