FREAKY FRIDAY Sequel in The Works at Disney Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan


Exciting news has emerged from Disney as they officially announce their plans to move forward with a sequel to the beloved 2003 body-swap comedy, Freaky Friday. Fans will be delighted to hear that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are expected to reprise their roles in this highly anticipated follow-up.

Both Curtis and Lohan have expressed their enthusiasm for returning to the Freaky Friday universe. Curtis, a champion of the sequel, took the idea to Disney and revealed, “There is no scheduled date, but we’re talking. People are talking. The right people are talking.” The actress, who will be turning 64 soon, shared her excitement about the potential reunion with Lohan, who is now 36. Curtis acknowledged the organic progression of a sequel, saying, “[A sequel] lends itself so beautifully. We’re both committed to it, and it’s not ours to make. It’s Disney’s to make, and I think they’re interested, and we’re talking.”

All the buzz and discussions have paved the way for the project to enter the development phase, with Elyse Hollander, known for her work on Birdman, currently penning the script. With Hollander’s talent and expertise, fans can expect a script that captures the essence of the original film while infusing it with fresh and engaging elements.

For those unfamiliar with the heartwarming story, the original Freaky Friday revolves around the tale of a mother and daughter who mysteriously switch bodies, forcing them to experience life from each other’s perspectives for a day. Lindsay Lohan portrays Anna Coleman, a rebellious teenager struggling to connect with her workaholic and overbearing therapist mother, Tess, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis. After a heated argument, the two coincidentally make a wish simultaneously, leading to a bewildering morning where they awaken in each other’s bodies.

Throughout the movie, Anna and Tess must navigate the challenges and triumphs of each other’s lives. Anna finds herself confronted with Tess’s demanding patients and professional obligations, while Tess must handle Anna’s band practice, school responsibilities, and social life. Along their extraordinary journey, both mother and daughter gain valuable insights, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another’s struggles and aspirations.

Freaky Friday not only tickles the funny bone but also delves into the timeless theme of the generation gap between parents and teenagers. It explores the complexities of familial relationships, demonstrating the transformative power of empathy and understanding. With its blend of heartfelt moments and comedic escapades, the original film touched the hearts of audiences, and the upcoming sequel aims to capture that same magic while continuing the characters’ compelling journeys.

As fans eagerly await further updates on the sequel’s progress, one thing is certain: the return of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan to the Freaky Friday franchise promises an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience, filled with laughter, love, and a renewed exploration of the enduring bond between mothers and daughters.

Source: Deadline

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