The French Army Debut in Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Trailer

Battlefield 1

EA and DICE have unveiled the first trailer for the first of four expansion packs for Battlefield 1 with “They Shall Not Pass,” The veterans of the French Army join the fight in the first expansion, which is available two weeks early for all players with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass on March 14, and available as a separate purchase on March 28.

The DLC comes with four new maps: Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture; plus a new vehicle with the Steel Behemoth, new weapons such as the Assault Tank Gun and a new stationary weapon, and also a new class, the Trench Raider Elite. They Shall Not Pass also includes a new game mode, Frontlines, a combination of the Conquest and Rush modes.

Players can expect three more DLC packs for the beloved new title over the course of the rest of the year including In the Name of the Tsar, focusing on the Russian front of the war; Turning Tides, bringing the “amphibious” side of the conflict to life; and finally, Apocalypse.

DICE set out to build the most immersive and dynamic Battlefield game ever, continuing to improve their multiplayer sandbox experience through ever-changing environments with intuitive destruction and dynamic weather in up to 64-player battles. In Operations, a brand new multiplayer mode, players can fully immerse themselves in a series of interconnected battles, holding the front line across multiple maps. And if the battle is looking lost, call in a Behemoth, the largest fully player-controlled vehicle ever seen in Battlefield or deploy as one of three destructive forces of the Elite Class. In the unique single player campaign, players can immerse themselves in War Stories, played from the perspectives of different protagonists across the globe from the deserts of the Middle East to the skies of the Western Front.

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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