French Artist Scaf Makes Some Amazing Realistic Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art

For street artists, the ideal canvas is everywhere. This gifted French artist, for instance, uses deserted buildings to create smart and realistic graffiti art. So, what used to be considered an illegal act of visual presentation is now considered a reputable work of art. Over the years, graffiti has slowly shifted from its antisocial conduct into an expressive art form. Although many graffiti works today still serve as political statements, there are some street artists who prefer to use their skills to express their mastery rather than to use them for social criticism.

French street artist Scaf converts abandoned houses and factories into giant canvases for his graffiti art. Unlike mere vandals who illegally scar properties, Scaf does the negative by adding extra value to uninhabited and occasionally decrepit buildings. True, we’ve seen a lot of great murals before. But the most wonderful thing about Scaf’s outcomes is his creative use of excessive details and hyper realistic style.

Scaf adds every detail to make his graffiti art as lifelike as possible. So, his use of shadows, highlights, angles, and perspective allows him to create anamorphic illusions that are mind-blowing. And it’s only natural to think that the talented street artist went to art school. But that’s not really the case.

“I did not study art. I started 18 years ago in abandoned factories and the street. It was a school friend who transmitted this passion to me.” he said.

So, some of his creations are also very unique, this one is called “Pinch Me”.

Source: Instagram


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