French Resistance is Here In This New French Trolling Trump Video

French Trolling Trump

France has finally joined the alliance with the rest of the world and they released their version of the Second video trolling the U.S. president with a spoof tourism video narrated in the voice of Donald Trump.


Finally Australia’s Answer To America’s First, Australia Second Video

The hilariously brutal video, produced by “La Nouvelle Edition” on Channel 8, starts by comparing the two national animals, and it’s quite brilliant: “America has the bald eagle, in France, we have the cock,” the voiceover says.

If you think this is rough, wait until you see the part where Steve Bannon’s physical appearance is compared to stinky cheese. This takes the second videos on whole new level, I think countries who did such parody videos before have to rethink their strategy and give it a try again.

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