FULL HOUSE Opening Scene Created in GTA V

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Someone has remade the opening of family friendly TV show Full House in Grand Theft Auto V–and the results are truly excellent. People of certain age might remember the show and it may trigger some happy memories within them. The results of this recreation is brilliant and I hope this will help the revival of Full House possible.

YouTuber Merfish is the one who can thank for this, and he does deserve praise. The shot-for-shot remake is really good, especially when you consider what he had to work with.

Watch as Michael plays Uncle Jesse, Trevor takes on the role of Danny Tanner, and Franklin does his best Joey impersonation. Creepily enough, Lester plays little Michelle.

Check out the video below, and a brilliant side-by-side comparison here that is also definitely worth watching. Via Gamespot

Via: Kotaku

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