Full Size Commodore 64 PC Clone is Coming Out Soon

Commodore 64

Retro Games has revealed they will be releasing a full-sized Commodore 64 PC clone, making it available to purchase during December 2019. The retro-styled computer is now available to preorder for £110 in the UK or €120 throughout Europe. The full-sized Commodore 64 follows on from the launch of the previously released The C64 Mini design to give a modern-day Commodore experience.

TheC64 is designed to look like a Commodore 64 and comes pre-installed with 64 games including classics and new titles. Owners can also use the integrated USB port to load more or even generate their own games using the installed BASIC app to enter the code. Other features of TheC64 included HDMI port capable of supporting the output of 720p at 50Hz or 60Hz.

“The C64 is back, this time full-sized with a working keyboard for the dedicated retro home-computer fan. Featuring three switchable modes – C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel. Connect to any modern TV via HDMI for crisp 720p HD visuals, at 60 Hz or 50 Hz. An updated joystick, now featuring micro switches, companions the hardware making the included games even more fun than ever.”

– Choose from various display options, including a CRT filter.
– Save your progress at any time.
– Via USB, add your own games/programs*, update the firmware*, and connect your own devices.
– Functions like an original C64 or VIC 20 computer, or play any of the included 64 games in the Games Carousel.
– Connect to a 720p TV or monitor via HDMI for a stunning HD experience.

Unfortunately, no details on US pricing or availability have been announced as yet but as soon as more information is made available.

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