Fun New York Comic-Con 2022 Cosplay Video From The Sneaky Zebra Crew!

New York Comic-Con 2022 Cosplay

The Sneaky Zebra crew is back with a new amazing cosplay music video! This one comes with amazing cosplayers from New York Comic-Con 2022, and as you’ll see, there are some amazing costumes featured in the video!

New York Comic-Con 2022 Cosplay

We’re back! We went out to NYCC to see all the fantastic cosplayers there.

New York, New York. So good they named it twice and the awesome cosplay at New York Comic Con was no exception! We went out with the folks from FanologyPV and whilst we were there we filmed with all the fantastic costumes and people we could to bring you this cosplay music video from New York Comic Con!

A huge thank you to all the cosplayers, photographers, other videographers and the people we met who helped us out.


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