Funniest Condom Commercials of All Time

Funny banned commercials tend to get slashed by networks because they cross lines that American standards have deemed toe-worthy only. These ads tend to be pretty funny as well. Sex sells; that’s one of the basic mantras of the TV commercial industry; protected sex, however is somewhat harder to sell to the masses.

But there is a reason that some of the best funny banned commercials on this list are so awkward to watch. In order to make safe sex look cool, many these ads present viewers with totally improbable scenarios that result in hilarity and, if the characters are lucky, a good time. Because sex is still pretty taboo, many of the following commercials were actually banned for being too explicit. Some of the best commercials on this list are from outside the States, in fact, where as you can see, censorship is far less stringent. These are some of the funniest, sexiest commercials of all time.

“I Want Those Sweeties,” Zazoo Belgium: Probably the most famous commercial on this list, this ad was banned for indiscernible reasons. Perhaps Belgians are particularly sensitive about being reminded that their kids are snot-nosed brats who need never have existed. American YouTube-lovers enjoyed it, anyway. It’s one of the funniest commercials on the list because it’s so painfully and eardrum-numbingly true.

MTV, Brazil: Unlike the other commercials on this list, this commercial isn’t really advertising a specific product. It’s actually a genuine public service reminder to practice safe sex, a pretty nice use of air time for MTV actually. Although a good sentiment in theory, the result of MTV’s creative juices (if you’ll excuse the expression) is somewhat nightmarish. It’s funny — but only because it’s terrifyingly awkward. Watch at your own risk.

“Extra Pleasure,” Lifestyles UK: Just imagine the restaurant scene from “When Harry Met Sally” in a polished, chic, hardwood-floored European apartment — with echoes. That’s essentially how this hilarious banned commercial goes. This ad isn’t explicit or indecent, so it’s difficult to say why UK networks banned it. Perhaps they feared kids would recognized the sounds from their parents’ bedrooms and start asking questions.

“No Excuses,” Trojan US: What’s great about this funny banned commercial is it’s so easy to imagine this scenario playing out, word for word, in some dumb college guy’s dorm room. The whole “I’m too big for condoms” excuse is shot down pretty beautifully in this ad. Trojan condoms commercials have been banned for explicit content and inappropriateness before, but it’s a real shame this one was nixed; it’s less a sales pitch than it is an honest public service shout-out for safe sex.

“My Mom Said I Could,” Hansaplast France: This ad starts out like an innocent Lunchables or candy commercial, with a sweet little kid doing sweet little kid things with the mantra “my mom said I could” as his constant excuse. Then sweet little kid things escalate to twisted sociopathic tendencies and criminal behavior — and then comes the big twist. This commercial is funny because of how clever and misleading it is for the first 45 seconds. Again, not clear why this one was banned, but perhaps Europeans are really nitpicky about sex noises, as evidenced by number seven.

Untitled, Greece: If you’re willing to suffer through the weird English dubbing provided by this kind YouTuber, this funny commercial is definitely worth watching. It’s hard to tell what exactly this commercial is trying to advertise, whether it’s an actual condom brand or just the fact that not being able to use a condom will make your life miserable in the most unexpected and horrific of ways — but it’s undoubtedly one of the funniest ads on this list.

Untitled, Tulipan Argentina: What begins as a somewhat depressing and commonplace scenario (Dad sees son playing with dolls, Dad tries to fix son, son disappoints Dad with his lack of manliness) turns into an epic celebration of the devolution of gender norms and the freedom to enjoy your sexuality in whatever kinky and exciting way you choose — but I digress. This commercial is a pretty fantastic spin on the typical man-woman condom ad set-up. It’s funny, it’s endearing, it’s sexy — and it was banned, for some reason or another.

“Evolve,” Trojan US: Probably the most uncomfortable commercial on this list, this one’s laughable mostly because you don’t know how else to react. It’s like “Animal Farm” meets “How I Met Your Mother” — not a good mix. Trojan got weird here, but you’ve got to give them some points for originality. It was banned in the US, probably because most people don’t approve of bestiality. Go figure.

Untitled, SkinSkin Argentina: This one wasn’t banned, but it does start off with a pretty hot and steamy scene. Like any safe sex commercial, the scenario begins with a lustful couple begging for each other, then the camera gives an advertorial close-up of the heavenly little plastic pouch. Enter Mom and Dad. What’s great about this funny commercial is that it’s simple. It doesn’t really explain what’s so spectacular about SkinSkin (other than the name, of course) but it does present a pretty realistic scenario, something plenty of people can relate to — and then solves the problem in a hilarious act of desperation.

 “Indecent Proposal,” Trojan US: A funny retelling of a classic joke, this ad has a great little twist. The setup is standard: Girl flirts with Guy, Guy is conflicted (things are tad bit complicated in this case given that Girl is the sister of Guy’s fiancee) and Guy seems to reject Girl’s advances. Happy ending, right? If you’re not familiar with the clever joke, you’re in for a bit of a surprise.

Untitled, Nirodh, India: Bollywood at its absolute, neon-colored, safe-sex-promoting best. In a “Barney and Friends” meets “cheesy high school sex ed video,” kind of way, this funny commercial personifies its condom brand — through song and dance. I think the general take-away from this hilarious ad is that when you’re trying to convince your partner to wear a condom, breaking out a plucky tune about your “condom friend” is sure to solve all your problems. How could this not convince the public to practice safe sex? It’s catchy, it’s colorful, and it’s totally not creepy.

Author: This Article is Written by Harriet Jones!

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