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Funny Commercials: 5 Hilarious Ads Using Animals

These ultra funny commercials have been seen by over 21 million people on YouTube. Really funny commercials like the ones in this list have great recall for consumers and are very effective at spreading brand and product awareness. In the advertising industry there are four main ways to attract and hold attention; sex, babies, animals, and humor. Any NFL football fan knows that a funny ad from the Super Bowl is able to squeeze in all four main attention grabbers.

Funny Commercial of Screaming Animals

When people are watching TV and the promotional ads start to play most people quit paying attention until their show comes back on. However, hearing screaming by default will bring people to full attention in an instant. The best part of this funny commercial is when the smaller animals scream because their voices are so high pitched.

Hilarious Taxidermy Ad

This funny commercial had some really creative people help create and design it. YouTubers Rhett and Link have one of the most popular video channels on YouTube and contributed significantly to making this Ad awesome. On a side note, isn’t poaching Rhinos illegal?

Award Winning Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese Ad

Make sure to watch this commercial all of the way through. Some people start to get sad about half way through this video, but you will be pleasantly surprised because the mouse survives. Nolan’s cheddar cheese is seriously strong!

Funny Commercial of a Suicidal Dog

Just like with the funny commercial to promote Nolan’s cheese, make sure to watch this ad all of the way through. A dog finds his lover cheating on him and he wishes to take his own life to mend his broken heart. However, Bridgestone tires was able to save this dog from himself.

Funny Commercial for Air Vigorsol

When people think about farts they usually don’t attribute a minty fresh smell to it. In this funny ad a squirrel rescued a small village by using its flatulence as a fire extinguisher. Anyone who ever creates mints in the future than can mask the smell of farts is going to be a multi-millionaire.

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