Funny Facebook Statuses

Facebook the source of all funny these days or something else for other’s better not to discuss that here 🙂 But it seems like creativity and photo bombs are orignated from Facebook these day’s , People post there master pieces in search of comment and like race. And in that pursuit of happiness they just created something amazing some of these comments are amazing…

Do not TRY this at Facebook 🙂 

1 funny facebook pictures, man on his knees

2 a funny facebook update, naps and spankings

3 funny facebook pictures, women just out of the shower

4 dumb things posted on facebook, military funny spelling corrections

dumb things posted on facebook, crack dealer

dumb things posted on facebook, mount rushmore

funny facebook names, gay baby names

funny facebook pictures, christmas quotes

funny facebook pictures, k wall, three k

funny facebook quotes, licking the dentists fingers

funny facebook quotes, one in a million

funny facebook quotes, playing with myself

funny facebook quotes, say car keys like an australian person

funny facebook quotes, spider in the shower

funny facebook updates, broken leg

funny facebook updates, grandman on facebook

funny facebook updates, lincoln in theaters

funny facebook updates, you look amazing bro

funny facebook, signs, chicks, sandwhich

funny toy, facebook updates

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