Funny New Video Compares Moms During The Holidays In 1988 And 2018

Holidays In 1988 And 2018

A new comic video highlights distinctions between parenting during the holidays in the 1980s with 2018.

Following up on their viral Halloween video, Meredith Masony of “That’s Inappropriate” rejoins Tiffany Jenkins of “Juggling the Jenkins” to create “1980′s Vs 2018 Moms: Holiday Edition.”

This new funny video compares a no-fuss mom of the ’80s with a Pinterest-loving idealist mom of 2018.

Mom of the ’80s: “Now this is what I call delish. We’ve got the Entenmann’s, we’ve got the fruitcake, and this eggnog is off-limits, all right?”

Mom of 2018: “Guys, get in here and put on your aprons. We’re gonna bake some fresh cookies from scratch for the cookie swap!”

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