Funny Prank Videos: 7 Diabolical Bathroom Pranks

These diabolical funny prank videos have been watched over 22 million times on YouTube since they were first uploaded. A plugged up toilet is embarrassing enough, but an explosion in a porta potty’s septic tank while someone is taking a dump can be haunting for years. Each one of these funny prank videos were heavily pre-meditated and will make you cringe even more when your butt touches a toilet seat in a public bathroom.

“THE RING” Bathroom Prank Video

This prank video is a nightmare brought to life. The creepy girl in this video closely resembles the psycho girl from the movie “The Ring.” You would think at least one or two of the victims in this video had to wipe a second time after having the sh*t scared out of them.

Green Apple Splatter’s Prank Video

The two guys in this video make really crappy friends. Things could always be worse for the victim taking a dump because his friend could have just tipped the whole porta potty over when he was in it. For a guy who just got covered in someone else’s feces he sure had great reflexes with pulling his pants up over his unwiped butt.

European Twins in a Bathroom Mirror Prank Video

Only good looking people deserve a reflection. A brunet is mimicking her twin sister perfectly in this video as if they were both looking in a bathroom mirror. The best part of this funny prank video is when the guy was accused hitting on the girl before he left the room.

Arousal at the Urinal Prank Video

Of all places to get aroused, a urinal is absolutely one of the worst spots. If someone gets a stiffy when peeing they really can’t walk away without getting exposed or someone questioning their sexual preferences.

Toilet Slip ‘N Slide Prank Video

Men are lucky that they don’t have to sit down to pee. If a guy misses the toilet when peeing it is a don’t ask don’t tell situation, but if a girl misses the toilet it will be hard to muffle the yelling. In this video this poor girl’s toilet seat is unscrewed resting on Saran wrap.

Flatulent Ladies Bathroom Prank Video

Who ever said women don’t like fart jokes needs to cut down on the stereotyping.

Transgender Porta Potty Prank Video

This funny prank video is a straight man’s worst nightmare. There are guys who have had to get therapy because they were confused at someone else’s gender identity until it was too late.

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