Funny Things People Have Taken A Photo With

People have always had an intrinsic attraction to the bizarre, and nowhere is this more obvious than with photography. As soon as there is something unusual, people will stop to take a photo of it. Tourists constantly take photos of themselves standing near famous attractions or monuments when travelling, however sometimes things get a little stranger. Here are 5 funny things that people have taken a photo with.

Matching Animals

Some of the funniest photos on the internet come from amusing animals and strange antics from people. This manages to combine the two, with people taking photos of themselves posing alongside animals that look just like them. Many pictures have been taken of pets and their owners sporting remarkable similarities, but now it has extended to almost every kind of animal you can imagine. Thanks to their often very human-like haircuts, alpacas and llamas have been the most recent target of this strange yet funny trend.

Famous World Attractions

From the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty, there are countless attractions around the world that are the object of amusing and entertaining tourist photos. Playing with angles, distance and perspective have given thousands of travellers the chance to “kiss” the Sphinx or “push” the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Almost every major tourist attraction in the world has a following of funny pictures thanks to some careful manipulations from photographers with a creative sense of humour.

Donkey Baseball

The resulting photos from this interesting sport are bizarre indeed. Popular in the 1930’s, donkey baseball is basically regular baseball played from the back of a donkey. With donkeys having a reputation for being rather obstinate, the pictures tend to be hilarious as the riders try and play the game and control the donkey at the same time. This strange sport has been resurrected a number of times in recent years just for a laugh.

Magazines and Billboards

Advertising has long since been a target for funny photos, particularly when it comes to billboards and magazines. Again using tricks of perspective, many people have made serious advertising campaigns into entertaining pictures which quickly spread throughout the internet. Another popular trend is to carefully line up your face with a magazine face , then have someone else photograph it for a seriously strange effect.


Creatively minded people have long been snapping shots of the stunning spectacle that is the sunset, but it can also be cast in an amusing light. With the right angles and preparation, some have created photographs of themselves playing ‘basketball’ with the glowing globe of the sun, eating the sun off a fork and even using the burning orb as a lighter in a range of quirky and amusing shots. Now if this all seems a bit frivolous and you’re looking for a more professional style of photography, you can’t go past the stunning work of Kiss Photography. Working with you to get the very best shots, the team are motivated and dedicated to great results. While it’s funny to have a few bizarre shots in your album, take the time to check out and organise your own professional photo shoot.

Joanna is a Brisbane resident who currently writes for Kiss Photography Brisbane. Studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

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