Futurama Now In Glorious 3D

Futurama Now In Glorious 3D

Artist Alexy Zakharov’s 30-second video provides a glimpse of Futurama’s New York in the year 3000. Using a full suite of computer graphics software, the artist has created a gorgeously detailed rendition of Futurama’s New New York, which looks far more impressive in 3D than it does in its two-dimensional form. The details are amazing. We’re especially impressed with the holographic MomCorp ad and the Planet Express delivery spaceship’s battered hull.

Be sure to check out Zakharov’s Behance page for more.

Futurama Now In Glorious 3D


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  1. James Bettinson

    July 22, 2014 at 9:32 am

    I love the artistic rendering of these outlays, but fear some of the painstaking detail would be lost in a big budget production

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