Future of 3D Gaming

 3D gaming

The gaming industry acts as a solid platform for innovation, technology and experience to collide. Leaps and bound have been made to progress digital entertainment and we have finally arrived to a place where 3D mobile gaming can really take off.

How 3D Gaming Came About

There are two things that come into play when talking about how 3D mobile gaming came about – one is 3D video and the second is gaming. Three-dimensional technology is not new. In fact, 3D films go as far back as the early 1900s. Video gaming has longtime been a huge part of popular culture. To be able to immerse yourself in a competition within a screen is a bigger concept that has given gamers around the globe a chance to connect and invest in a whole different world. So it’s no surprise that 100 years later, 3D technology is now implemented in gaming consoles and mobile devices to provide people with the ultimate environment for engagement. 

 What Makes It Possible 

Seems like just yesterday, we lived in a world where there was simply a TV, a computer, an old school Nintendo set and a landline phone. Over the past 20 years, technological advancement has happened at an exponential pace and our universe today is connected through multiple devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs — performance measurements are based on how fast, clear and gratifying the user experience is. Gaming has moved towards a more mobile arena because of the multitude of devices now on the market that are equipped with the sharpest sound and clearest, crispest retina displays. Probably the most crucial component for smoothly running complex gaming visuals and commands is a strong graphics processing unit. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processor is among the best for producing complex graphics and streaming videos and music smoothly and soundly. These processors are the heart of any mobile device that stands a chance in the tech arena, and are especially fit to run 3D gaming.

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The Current Game Mode

The current state of 3D gaming is healthy with vast potential to grow. In essence the technology gives us a chance to live and play in a place built with graphics so real that participants can forget about their physical, tangible surroundings and just lose them themselves in their gaming sphere. Games such as 3D slots are now taking the place of actual casino slots. Those spinning fruits and dollar signs are already mesmerizing in and of themselves, imagine them in a 3D graphics format – chancers gain the same high from gambling without having to make the trip to Vegas. These days virtual reality isn’t just a thing you see at Dave & Busters. By pairing phablets with mobile headsets like the Oculus Rift, you can simulate three-dimensional situations with your head right in the game (literally) and take the viewing experience anywhere you go. 


In It to Win It

The perfect storm has been brewing for 3D gaming. Looking into the future, the gaming audience will shift from niche to mainstream (it’s already started). This expansion will naturally be a result of the vast amount of 3D phones that are hitting the market and 3D-enabled technologies like 4K televisions. Synced technology where data is stored in a cloud and connection can happen with other parties over the internet, along with powerful processors capable of generating images so clear on a screen made out of the finest viewing glass, are all parts to a the bigger picture that allows 3D gaming to flourish. With major optimization being implemented on all fronts of technology, gaming, as we know it, will change to be a truly immersive activity for everyone to participate in.

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