Future of Gadgets

Future of Gadgets

Technological products tend to disappoint us in most cases after we’ve used them; a part of it is due to the marketing. The videos showing carefree and attractive people showcasing their mobile phones at nightclubs make us get all excited about the upcoming gadget. Then after actual usage of the product, the let down process starts. For example, Google Glass looks like it is a revolutionary gadget, but it is much lesser than our expectations. Future gadgets are still the golden ideas yet to be tainted by imperfections. The upcoming gadgets shine in our imaginations since they are still unreleased and yet to be tested. They are what our hope rests on, until we actually start using them. Here are some of the products of future that are full of high promises:

Apple’s new Mac Pro

In this age of mobility, desktop computers have become an endangered species but Apple is taking care of it. The Mac Pro is trying to keep the traditional computer alive by designing it in a way that tinkering or expansion is not allowed on them. Lets keep our fingers crosses while we start dreaming about how the new Mac Pro would be thrice the speed of the normal workstations and would cost half the cost at which people are expecting it to be.

Leap Motion

Future of Gadgets

photo: planetminecraft.com

The concept of the device is exceptions. It is programmed to track motions of hand in the air and convert them to interface events via a connected computer. It is said to be the kind of computer interaction that we saw in Minority Report and similar sci-fi movies. The promises are high, since touch screen interactions on laptops don’t seem to be a good choice.

Recon Jet Pilot

Google has been mulling about whether consumers are going to buy Glass or not, the specialized applications on computerized eyewear sound even more convincing. Recon Instruments have started working on the Recon Jet Pilot. Its focus is to provide relevant information and service for sportsmen. Priced at $499 its one-third of Glass, which in itself is worthy of consideration.


Memoto is a tiny camera worth $279 that clicks photos every 30 seconds throughout the day. It relieves one off the burden of deciding which moments to preserve for posterity. Also available is the cloud service where you can save your photos daily.


This is an Android phone with a unique feature: YotaPhone has two screens; one is a color display of liquid crystal screen and another with a display of electronic paper known as EPD, at the back. The Epd stays on at all times and stays in a frozen yet visible state even when the phone’s battery goes off. You can store information here and it will remain with you without power, also unlike LCDs, these can be good for reading outdoors.

Kreyos Meteor

This smart watch is designed to work with Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices and has development kits for software developers. It responds to your gesture commands and voice, and is waterproof.

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