Future Gaming Predictions for 2021



Gaming and technology have evolved in giant leaps in recent times, with inventions like virtual reality and online gaming.   In today’s vast entertainment landscape, gaming rivals even Netflix in popularity. Scores of different types of games exist, offering players unique experiences.

Coronavirus measures have increased interest in many online activities, even affecting the future of the gambling industry, as more people stay home.  Experts predict Canada’s online gambling market to grow by ten percent by 2024, leading gambling technology to receive more focus. The Author, Kevin Cochran, is an expert on gambling technology and Canadian online casino reviews, and offers some insight on gaming’s future.


Gaming in 2021 and Beyond

The future of gaming technology looks like it will be exciting with all kinds of gaming software and hardware in development. Amazon made a recent decision to postpone the announcement of Project Tempo, a game streaming service, until next year. According to Amazon, the code-named service depends on cloud computing.

Other tech companies and gaming giants are also moving ahead with new projects set for release in 2021.  Nintendo plans on debuting an updated version of its Switch console. The newer model could feature high-definition 4K graphics and improved computing power.

Intel, known for producing computer chips and motherboards, intends on releasing a series of graphics cards in 2021. This pits Intel against current leaders Nvidia and AMD in an already established market.  Intel hasn’t given much information, but the range will use ray-trace technology for creating lighting and shadows in games.

Some of Nvidia’s graphics chips already support ray-tracing, while AMD works to incorporate the technology into upcoming releases. Ray-tracing technology will feature in Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X will use graphics silicon, a new technology powered by AMD.

Intel has also been working on more affordable hardware types, like integrated graphics. Integrated graphics are common in laptops. They’ll be releasing a new line of graphics cards called Xe LP for this market. The LP range promises better gaming performance and uses low power.


Gaming Predictions for 2021

With so many different technologies currently in development or ready for release, it’s difficult to tell what to expect from gaming. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what experts predict for the future of video games and what gaming fans can expect in 2021 and beyond.

What Do The Experts Say About Gaming’s Future

Forbes interviewed two doctorate industry professionals from the UK and asked them to share their opinions on what’s in store for gaming in 2021 and after.

  • We’re bound to see more games using both augmented and virtual reality, expanding on the success of games like Pokemon Go. The technology is improving, bringing higher resolutions, better fields of view, and much more.
  • Artificial intelligence will play a big role, according to experts. Virtual characters have the potential for more depth, adding realism when they interact with players.
  • Gaming technology upgrades slowly, as it’s already at an advanced stage. This means when new upgrades combine, we can expect more from games in artistic and creative ways.
  • With recent releases like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice challenging typical social themes, we can look forward to different types of narratives in upcoming games. If socio-cultural mindsets change, we could see a lot more complex topics addressed through games.

You might still be asking, but what will gaming look like in the future? We’ve looked at some breathtaking technology and games in development or scheduled for release. In our opinion, gaming’s future looks like it can only get better from here, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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