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From a few colors and basic inputs to movie-quality graphics, motion sensing, and online multiplayer capabilities, gaming has come a long way a few decades of existence. Sure, they might have replaced much of the plot with polygon counts and flapping like a chicken, but improvements are there overall. As gaming continues to develop, finding new areas to exploit or explore is becoming more difficult. However, some changes are expected in the next few generations of video gaming technologies.

Video Calls and Streamcasting

Video calling and streaming gameplay seem to be an emphasis on the next-generation consoles. It’s not enough that you can already scream insults at each other as you play and generally act like an 8-year-old. No, we need to watch others do it and see the faces of those we are headshotting, insulting, and destroying. Trolling has never been more immersive.
The PS4 will support streaming game footage online and to other consoles. The Xbox One will include Skype support and other video chat features within the console. With so many communication options, gamers will never need to leave the house again.

Immersive Video Projection

Though details are scarce, Microsoft has filed a patent for a new video projection technology. Rumors are that it will eventually become a feature for the Xbox One. What does it do? Wide-angle, wrap-around 3D projections. Who needs fancy game chairs or expensive televisions when you can just turn half your living room into the game?

Seamless Portable Gaming

Does anyone remember playing Tetris on the Gameboy? It was a bit mind-blowing at the time. Portable gaming devices have come a long way since then. 3D graphics, multiple touch screens, Wi-Fi access and more make gaming on the go as awesome as gaming at home. Features on the latest consoles will allow you to seamlessly pick up your portable gaming device and resume gameplay from your console devices. Great for the morning commute or when you hiding in the bathroom at work to avoid your boss.

Wraparound Screen

Flexible OLED screen technologies make it possible to roll up a full-color display and cram it in your pocket. Though these are mostly in development for mobile uses, it is likely they will transition to gaming and living room as well. Something about a 70-inch display that you can wrap around your face makes Silent Hill and Resident Evil all the more terrifying.

Google Glass

Love it or hate it, Google Glass is coming. It is not the only device looking to add a HUD to your life. As these technologies become mainstream, gaming will likely follow. Before you balk at the thought, consider the possibility of augmented reality games or other games that use your surroundings as part of the game. 
Video calling and other display technologies are revolutionizing gaming. As they work to blur the line between game worlds and reality Google Glass, flexible screens, and other technologies provide innovative new ways to get your gaming fix.

About the author: Willie Pena is a freelance writer, video producer, visual artist, and music producer. He is a regular writer for Intercall. In addition to writing for firms such as IBM, Colgate, Transunion, Webroot, and a multitude of private clients and websites, he also shoots, directs, and edits the hit celebrity web series Teens Wanna Know.

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