Gadgets in 2020 You Need To Look Out For


The past year in tech has brought us great camera systems in smartphones, more smart home integration, and privacy patch-ups that’s timely and needed. The tech industry is gearing up for more, of course, for the year ahead. And technology is looking amazing. From leaks to renders and bizarre stories that lead to great gadgets, the start of the century is one to look forward to. 

January marks CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, where some of the best tech brands start the year by announcing what they’re working on, what is to be expected from their companies, and the exciting technologies that are in-store for, well – their consumers. But aside from the show, the decade behind has also set up some real inspiration.

 So if you’re one of the people who’re looking forward to what we can have in the next year, or perhaps the next decade, this article is for you. From true 5G to astonishing TV’s to the inevitable streaming wars, we’ve collated the best gadgets you need to look out for this year. Salivate on these tech wonders, nerds.


First iPhone With 5G connectivity.

The infrastructure isn’t ripe for 5G technology yet, and that may be the reason why there isn’t an iPhone that has the modem inside of it yet. Of course, there are already phones in the market today that can access 5G speeds were available like the Samsung Galaxy Note+ 5G. The flagship Samsung S10 also has a dedicated 5G iteration as well. Surprisingly, the iPhone, even the latest 11 Pro models, don’t carry it. 

In 2020, the iPhone 12’s, according to early leaks and data, will have 5G capability in them. The word for the wise, though, connectivity is limited. Truly limited. Like the demand for authentic watches. There are only a few carriers that can supply data speeds, which can be called 5G. And in recent tests, reliability is subpar. To the point of, just being at the wrong angle within the zone of which a 5G modem is installed will disconnect you from it.


Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The first iteration of the foldable phone was met with raised eyebrows and googly eyes. But when tested, the phone was not only too vulnerable for cracks, and it lacks the sophistication and finish of the phones that we have available today. The device, which has three screens, and can be used as a phone and tablet, was deemed “too much, too soon.”

The incoming year may change that, though, as the last quarter of 2019 brought with it the Huawei Mate X and the resurgence of Razr. Foldable phones may be the trend for the decade, and it’s up to Samsung and Huawei to fan that fire. The rumors for the second generation of Galaxy Fold is at an all-time high, and it may be sooner than later that we get a glimpse of it.


The new Playstation controller.

When tech articles say that 2020 might be the year of console wars, they’re not exactly off track. The PlayStation 5 has been confirmed, and with it comes a bevy of new features, including a rumored new controller. It will rock two new buttons, but still, have the body of the DualShock 4. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the new Xbox Series X is confirmed as well. According to early leaks, it will have new features that will go toe-to-toe with the new Playstation. Cloud streaming is also on the rise, which makes this rivalry more interesting in the decade to come. Nintendo is expected to still dance to their beat.


New electric cars.

Internal combustion engines (ICE) has been in our cars since time immemorial, and while it’s not going away anytime soon, the shift to EVs is imminent. There are a few countries that have already banned ICE, including Norway, UK, and France. And more are expected to jump ship. That’s why it’s an obvious trend for electric car companies to create more models to their existing lines. 

While the top of the line electric cars is only accessible to the rich at the moment, plummeting prices increase the interest of the masses. Self-driving EV’s may or may not perfect their technologies in this decade. Still, it’s expected that more and more car manufacturers will consider adding an environmentally-friendly line to their product offerings.



This is an exciting time for avid tech fans. The next decade is shaping up to make existing technologies ripe, and there is a focus on integrating everything cross-platform to increase consumer loyalty – not just on one brand, but on new technology in general. While the excitement is warranted, an increase in prices is also expected. So girdle up, and save up if you want to have your hands on the latest and the greatest this year.


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