Gadgets to Survive the Apocalypse

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Top Gadgets to Survive the Apocalypse

It could be a meteor crashing into the earth, a nuclear disaster, or a zombie uprising. When or where it starts is a mystery, but with so many possible ways to kick off an apocalypse, it almost seems inevitable. The question is are you prepared to roam the earth as a survivor?

There are so many factors to consider, like food, weapons, shelter, transportation, medical needs, and what if the air is poisonous? Surviving after whatever great disaster befalls humanity will take cunning, smarts, and one heck of a collection of gear. Here are some recommended pieces of equipment to stay alive in the fallout.

Gas Mask or Respirator

Who knows what noxious and deadly gases and particles could be floating around in the air during the apocalypse. To make it through the clouds of toxic dust and chlorine, get yourself a respirator so you can pass through the wasteland without choking and expiring. In seconds, you can get a snug fit, and they come in all different sizes to fit any person.

Multi-Tool Utility Kits

Why settle for just a pocketknife when you can have the whole tool kit in the palm of your hand? You’ve seen them on the shelves of hardware stores and late night television: the fold up pocket-sized pliers, file, scissors, sawblade, and knives all in one piece. A plethora of cutting utensils and and building tools can help you with erecting a makeshift tent butchering a snared rabbit for supper.

Safe-to-Drink Water

Walking through wreckage and rural areas after the fallout will leave you thirsty, but safe drinking water won’t always be available. For what you can find in ponds or puddles, or hopefully rainwater, you’ll need chlorine tablets or water purification tablets. Another option is bottles with built-in UV lights to destroy any bacteria and viruses that might be swirling around.

A Source of Power

If you’re lucky, you’ll have some electronics in your stash of gear, maybe even an mp3 player or cb radio for communication. But without a power grid, they won’t take long to die on you. If there’s still sunlight, you can get solar-powered flashlights and chargers. Besides fire, it might be your option option to get through the pitch dark afterworld.

Keeping in Touch with Other Survivors

Without any of the communication networks, your cell phone isn’t going to do you much good in keeping contact with your fellow post-apocalypse population. Having a CB or shortwave radio can help you organize for support and supplies, or just fend off loneliness.
If you’re fortunate enough to survive the nuclear strike, viral outbreak, or any number of natural disasters that take out your current way of life, then you’ve still got to survive the wild new world. To secure your safety and livelihood, get the right gear so you can make the most of what’s left. Until the rebuilding of civilization, just keep moving and keep your grid so you can survive.

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Adam Prattler is fond of technology and he loves to learn about new gadgets. Though he works in an insurance injury law firm, yet his interest for technology is beyond any limit.

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