Game-Changers: How Bingo Sites Are Diversifying to Reach More Players


Few would argue with the fact that the gambling industry has been completely transformed by the emergence of online platforms. After all, so many classic forms of gaming have enjoyed a renaissance thanks to web-based services.

According to figures released by in April, the global online gambling market was worth 53,686.56 million in 2019, and that figure is expected to grow to 95,023.13 million by the end of 2025.

Industries including casino gaming and sports betting are playing a major part in the sector’s success, but another which is having an impact is the ever-popular pastime of bingo.

A new audience

Online bingo has become a real success story in recent years, with the game seemingly finding a new audience since its shift onto the web. For instance, back in 2018, research by YouGov found that the age group most likely to be playing the game was the 25 to 34s – which goes some way towards shedding its traditional association with older generations.

A host of factors could be behind the apparent renewed interest in the game. For example, the move online and the subsequent leap onto mobile have made bingo more convenient and provided new ways to play. Furthermore, the industry’s efforts to diversify and offer a more varied experience may have also had an impact.

For instance, it is not uncommon to see sites offer many forms of the game. When you play online bingo with Betfair, rooms featuring 75 and 90-ball versions of the pastime are available, while they each boast different ticket prices and prize money. At the time of writing, The Big Wheel game had a ticket price of 30p with a prize of £200, while in contrast House of Mirrors offered tickets at 5p and a prize of £8.



New themes

But there is more to online bingo these days than sites just offering the game in different formats, as a whole host of themed versions have also emerged. Some of them are not hugely surprising, as popular slots like the Age of the Gods and Rainbow Riches have been adapted into bingo-style experiences. However, you might find some surprises too. For example, few people may have ever imagined that the 1978 musical megahit Grease would be turned into a bingo game, yet that is exactly what has happened.

Another notable development that may have helped bingo sites reach more people is the fact that they offer the game alongside many other experiences too. Just as services like Netflix offer a variety of movie and TV content under a single domain, many bingo platforms have taken a similar step. As well as offering bingo, they also feature casino games, slots, and much more. This means players have plenty of choices and it could ensure they remain engaged when on the sites.


Fresh experience

When all of that is considered, it could be argued that online bingo sites are taking a host of steps to mix it up and offer their members a fresh experience.

The area has been thriving in recent years and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in order to achieve further success in the future.

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