‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Predicts What’s Real Night King Target Is And Why

Night King

The true villain of Game of Thrones is definitely the undead Night King, who spent the last couple episodes breaking walls and getting a brand new dragon. Now he is marching across the Seven Kingdoms, We are wondering what is the dead’s master plan, beyond killing and turning every living soul in Westeros — and Game of Thrones fans, as always, have their theories.

One Redditor thinks the Night King — who entered Westeros from Eastwatch — is on a direct path to a lake called Gods Eye. In the middle of the lake is the Isle of Faces, and it may hold the key to reviving the dead — A.K.A. Nighty’s entire squad.

Game of Thrones

In Westerosi history, the island in the center of the Gods Eye is where the Children of the Forest — who created the White Walkers — made a peace deal with humans several centuries ago. As the Reddit post suggests, Gods Eye is most easily approachable from Eastwatch. Well, that’s convenient.

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