Game Of Thrones’ Hot Pie Opens Real Bakery ‘You Know Nothing John Dough’ in London

Hot Pie

Game of Thrones fans, do you want to eat Hot Pie’s Direwolf-shaped loaves of bread? If you do then you are in luck, because the fictional baker from the popular HBO series has just opened a real bakery in London. Ben Hawkey (Hot Pie) has decided to call the bakery, You Know Nothing John Dough!

“Hot Pie’s Direwolf loaves are a favorite for Game of Thrones fans, and people are always asking me for the secret of my recipe,” Hawkey told Digital Spy. “I can’t share that, but Deliver customers will have the chance to try them themselves. You don’t even need to take a dangerous walk down the King’s Road to visit, it comes to you.”

The bakery, run in partnership with Deliveroo, opened its doors on July 17 right after the GoT season 7 premiere, and you can find it by searching for their name in the app. Their iconic Direwolf bread is made from whole wheat cornbread and orange zest and is best served slightly warm with soft butter, but it comes as no surprise to learn that they quickly ran out.

(h/t: Digital Spy)

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