GAME OF THRONES Infographic For Every On-Screen Death

GAME OF THRONES Infographic For Every On-Screen Death

The Washington Post has published a interactive infographic that describes every single on-screen death in the first four seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which I am sure are too many. And it doesn’t stop with humans, either: every animal, White Walker, and wight that died on screen gets its due as well, with information about who killed it and why.

It’s a insanely detailed and took a lot of time and love, and with the new season set to debut this Sunday night, it’s a nice reminder of some of the characters who fell earlier in the show’s run. After watching this you will know who died when and who killed who.

Check out this full infographic at TWP, you will be impressed and for those of you who’d rather watch than read, here’s a video that shows you those deaths instead.


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