Game of Thrones Actor Jack Gleeson Gives Friendly, In-Depth Q&A

University College Dublin is known for having Q&A’s with famous actors (generally, Irish, Welsh, or English).

Last October, King Joffrey Baratheon himself — actor Jack Gleeson — participated in a friendly, good-natured, no-holds-barred 30-minute panel.


Some kind soul also included each question and the corresponding timecode for his interview:

01 – What was the audition process for Game of Thrones like?00:00
02 – Did you know about Joffrey’s reputation from the books? 01:11
03 – If you weren’t starring in it would it be the sort of thing that you’d watch? 01:46
04 – Who would you say is the ‘King of Banter’ on set? 02:12
05 – What has been your favourite scene to film? 02:57
06 – Is there anything that Joffrey wouldn’t do? 03:38
07 – Is there anyone on the set who is quite like their character?04:09
08 – Why are you considering stopping mainstream acting? 05:09
09 – Tell us about the Collapsing Horse theatre group 05:59
10 – Do you like business aspects of Theatre Production? 06:56
11 – Which part of yourself in real life would you relate the most to Joffrey 08:18
12 – What part do you most empathise with Joffrey? 09:15
13 – Where do you see yourself in ten years time? 10:14
14 – Do you really want to study ancient hebrew? 10:54
15 – What is your favourite word? 11:47
16 – What is your least favourite word? 12:20
17 – What turns you on creatively, spiritually and emotionally?12:43
18 – What is your turn off? 13:13
19 – What is your favourite curse word? 13:33
20 – What noise do you love? 14:19
21 – What noise do you hate? 14:33
22 – If heaven exists and you end up there, what would you hope god says to you? 14:55
23 – How did you get the role of little boy in Batman Begins? 16:14
24 – Can I get a picture with you before my next lecture? 16:46
25 – What is it like being an unknown actor and having famous actors coming in and out of the show? 17:18
26 – Do you plan on reading the rest of the books? 18:13
27 – Who do you hang out with most on the set? 18:31
28 – Have you seen the youtube montage of you being slapped for 10 minutes? 19:25
29 – Do you think or do you know if Joffrey will find out the truth about his parentage? 19:52
30 – What did you do with your first pay cheque? 20:32
31 – What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you, for your or at you? 20:48
32 – Barring age or gender restrictions, what other character would you like to play on the show? 21:19
33 – Where did you film in Croatia? 21:46
34 – Is Daenerys as hot in person? 22:18
35 – Do you think you could convince Kit Harrington to come to Dublin? 22:35
36 – Do you have a girlfriend? 22:53
37 – Do you have a boyfriend? 23:13
38 – How do you manage to be so despicable in the show? 23:27
39 – Can I get a picture of you with this on my head? 24:08
40 – What will you miss most about filming the show? 24:41
41 – Have there been any pranks on set? 25:33
42 – What is it like working with George RR Martin? Does he have a big input into the series? 26:52
43 – Do you have any stories of an experience where someone has failed to distinguish between you and Joffrey? 27:25
44 – You said you are into creative writing, what sort of writing have you done? 27:54
45 – It’s very well known that actors use past experiences to help them out with scenes, to make them more authentic and stuff, have you ever shot a prostitute with a crossbow? 28:23
46 – Is there any character that you’d love to play a scene with even though Joffrey never actually meets them in the show? 29:02
47 – Was it as emotional for you as it was for me when you killed Ned Stark? 29:37
48 – Is it true that you based your performance of Joffrey on Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Gladiator? 30:13
49 – Did you ever get to hug Batman? 30:49
50 – Is there any other TV series that you like? 31:07
51 – When is your next play with Collapsing Horse? 31:27

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