‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Will Come With Feature-Length Episodes


Praise the Lord, Game of Thrones Season 7 is just around the corner, we can’t help but look ahead to the show’s season 8 which will air in 2019, Season 8 will only be six episodes long, and that’s just not enough Game of Thrones for we and that is why HBO is working on a couple of new spin-off shows.

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At the Con of Thrones convention in Nashville this past weekend, the show’s sound designer, Paula Fairfield, gave us some hope about those six precious episodes — namely, that they could all be feature-length.

Game of Thrones episodes averages around 55 minutes. The longest episode to date is the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” which clocked in at 68 minutes, and rumor has it that the Season 7 finale will easily beat it, with HBO’s schedule currently indicating that it will be 81 minutes long.

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If that ends up being accurate and every episode is at least an hour and 20 minutes — and it’s impossible to tell at this stage, given that Season 8 hasn’t started filming yet, let alone been edited down to a final version — we could end up with eight or nine hours in Season 8, despite the shorter episode order.

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