Games Which Are Playable On Steam Deck Before Launch


The Steam Deck is a gadget that comes with a gaming PC into a handheld format, and now Valve is testing out what games will work best on the new console.

Valve is launching a system of symbols to tell players how games perform on Steam Deck. There are 4 tiers of compatibility within this new system, Here we explain them.



  • A green check indicates the game passed Valve’s tests for controller input, display, seamlessness, and system support.



  • A yellow symbol means the game is playable, but may need some tweaking to be an enjoyable experience. Valve says this may mean selecting a community-made controller configuration, using the touchscreen, and more.



  • A gray symbol means the game does not work on Steam Deck. An easy example of this is Half-Life Alyx, which requires a VR headset to play.



  • A question mark means Valve has not checked the game for compatibility yet.

This system will also affect how games are presented in the Steam Store on the handheld. Only games that are Steam Deck Verified will be displayed in the store. The badges will also be presented on the thumbnail for each game in your Steam Library, informing you how it will run before you launch.

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