Geek Up Your Kitchen With These Incredible Kitchen Gadget Collection


Make your food taste perfect with your favorite condiments on the dining table in the form of this Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill by Suck UK. It is available in both natural and dark beech wood finish which will help in bringing that perfect taste for your food.


Grill your food to perfection with a well lubricated oil grate by using this Grilling Grate Oiler Brush. It offers a wider swathe of lubrication as compared to other brushes and will keep a steady supply of oil ready for your grill anytime.


Are you about to make your own strawberry shortcake or some fresh fruit salad? Try using the Chef’n Strawberry Huller to remove the leaves and stems from a strawberry easily. This will help you leave as much fruit as possible in spite of getting rid of the leaves and stem.


Heading out to the gym or your regular sports regime? Don’t forget to carry the Citrus Zinger Sport Lemon Juicer Water Bottle next time. This is an ideal water bottle designed for athletes or trainers which is special because of the “no-hands” straw. With just a bite, you can reposition it and sip your supercharging fresh lemon, lime or clementine drinks during your workouts or sports activities.


Be it a small kitchen or a luxurious one, the Magna Knife Magnet has been designed to save space and look great at the same time. You can mix and match them depending on your choice and add that iconic personal touch to your kitchen.


The unique sand-casting technique called “IHADA” goes behind the making of this exquisite Futagami Brass Bottle Opener. It’s because of this procedure that this brass bottle opener gets a sandy texture and admirable variations in color.


Light to the touch with an elegant design, the Emotion Wine Glass will definitely add some fun to your parties. This traditional wine glass will float the contents aloft with the showy Emotion filling up from base to lip. Use it to serve your favorite wine of Champagne coupe and make the most out of your drinking times.


Natural, finely cut slate goes behind making this amazing Two-Tier Slate Serving Stand you could definitely make use of in the next dinner you organize. It would work perfect to serve hors d’oeuvres or desserts which does bring that extra spark you so want your dinners to have. You can always write the name of the dish you’re serving or something special on the slate beside using it as a simple serving stand.


Every time you step into the kitchen to cut your favorite veggies, make sure you have the Oak Cutting Board with Mezzaluna. One look at this board will tell you that this is a piece of beauty indeed. It’s a cutting board made of stainless steel and oak, a combination that looks gorgeous and works beautifully in the kitchen.

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