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Super wealthy technology geeks like Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann are becoming households names thanks to their innovations in social networking. However, the geek millionaires club is not a total sausagefest; several women are making big bucks with their computer skills.

Allison Lami Sawyer, founder of Rebellion Photonics, has landed contracts with several large businesses and the U.S. military thanks to her patented chemical imaging technology. The 2.4 million dollars she has made so far has paid for her nanoscale physics masters degree several times over.

Amber Case, who goes by the awesome title of “cyborg anthropologist,” used her thesis “The Cell Phone and Its Technosocial Sites of Engagement” as inspiration for founding Geoloqi. Geologi lets users create their own location-aware mobile applications. Applications of such programs include the ability let friends know exactly how far away you are from a meeting place or reminding you to buy cat food when you enter the grocery store.

Geeky Girl Gurus



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