Get Your Own Set Of Glow in the Dark Alien Xenomorph Eggs

Xenomorph Eggs

ThinkGeek is selling a creepy set of glow in the dark set of Xenomorph eggs from Alien franchise and they come in a beautiful case. Three of the six eggs feature tiny facehuggers who have hatched and are trying to escape.

Guaranteed free-range and cage-free, this set of a half-dozen Xenomorph eggs from Alien includes 3 which have hatched out the cutest little facehuggers. These glow-in-the-dark eggs come in a slightly-oversized but not-enough-to-be-noticeable-unless-it’s-next-to-another-egg-carton container. That’s why we suggest you wait until the next time you run out of eggs to slip these into the fridge to freak somebody out.

Note: See packaging for safe-handling instructions. Neither ThinkGeek nor Weyland-Yutani is responsible for any spaceship infestation or planetary destruction that may occur.

Xenomorph Eggs

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