Get to know folder and leaflet and the difference between them


The design comes into play when it comes to the dissemination of events, products or services. And the first step is to decide which piece of communication will be used. This choice must be made in accordance with your marketing strategy since the content, format and visual presentation are important elements for the success of a campaign. But if by chance you are still not sure if you need a folder or a brochure, continue reading and learn a little more about these creative productions.

What is a folder?

The folder is printed and collapsible advertising material.

What does folder mean?

The name makes sense since the main characteristic of this production is folded in the vertical or horizontal.

Examples of folder usage

Because this part allows for more extensive content, folder printing is indicated when the company wants to display its portfolio of products or services or make an institutional presentation with a high quality of the final product. Another quite common use of this piece is great campaigns, which require high-quality art to promote a product or service.

What is a leaflet?

Brochure corresponds to a normal piece of communication, printed on smaller papers, with a small amount of information and whose art has a simpler presentation. Just like the folder, the booklet can also be printed with folds.

Examples of the use of the leaflet

The customer can choose booklet printing when they want a wide distribution, with low cost per printed unit, since it does not have as much quality as the folder. An example of purpose involved in leaflet printing is to advertise on the streets. In this case, it is necessary to ensure a considerable volume of copies of the leaflet.

What is the difference between folder and leaflet?

The main difference is in purpose.

The folder can be used to showcase product and service portfolios, educate the market, present the company, or perform some other marketing activity that requires high-quality production.

The booklet is chosen when the goal involves wide-ranging advertising.

Other details that also distinguish the two productions are:

– Art quality: the folder has a higher quality than the brochure and, therefore, is endowed with a more elegant and creative design.
– Thickness: The paper used to print the folder can be thicker in order to guarantee better quality and durability than the brochure.
– The quantity of content: it can house a much more extensive content because its size is larger than that of a leaflet.

How can an online printing graphic help you?

Online folder printing is a great alternative to ordering an efficient printing service. Because? Because steps like budgeting, payment and sending art can be done over the Internet, without the client having to go to the place of the graphic.

Online printing services optimize time, avoid travel and still guarantee payment security. The same is true for online booklet printing, which is not without its relevance in marketing strategies. Even you can order brochure print for cheap.

With these tips, you now have a good idea of which part to choose for your next advertising action. Remember that the important thing is to choose the product that is in accordance with your goals.


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