Get Your Very Own Jeff Bezos’ Rocket For $69

New Shepard rocket

Estes, a model rocket engine, kits, and accessories company, has a new item for sale: a replica of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, the same rocket took Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos to space (via Gizmodo).

Yes, and now you can have a small (1/66 in size) version of that rocket that started a thousand memes on your desk. The price is also modest: $69.99.

A more expensive package is also available for $109.99, and it comes with the New Shepard model rocket, a launchpad, a launch controller, a pack of Estes’ C5-3 engines, and a pack of recovery wadding. With these accessories, you can launch your rocket to an altitude of up to 400 feet, and it will deploy a parachute so it doesn’t break on the way down and so you can use it again.

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