Ghost Mine

‘Ghost Mine’ Looks Promising on Spooky End

This show looks promising it’s a part Reality show and part Horror , so you can say it’s a new hybrid for 2013

If it’s draw some fan’s base then it is a good show to look forward too , and for us we are liking it so far .

ghost mine

There are two main differences: First, this is a six-episode show that spends all its time at one location, the Crescent Mine in Sumpter, Ore. It’s an abandoned gold mine, supposedly haunted in a major way but also supposedly still rich in precious metals. Second, it’s part ghost show, part mining reality show as it’s a working mine that just happens to get investigated.

The mine’s new owner, Larry Overman, has already lost one full crew to ghosts, so he brings in Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman to find out what’s happening as his foreman breaks in a new team of seasoned and newbie miners. But according to the show, miners are a superstitious lot. They’re always on the lookout for tommyknockers (ghosts), and the veterans don’t take well to the investigators stirring things up, especially since one of them is a red-headed woman (a double no-no in mining, apparently).

ghost mine

When one tommyknocker warns of a cave-in and said cave-in happens, it rattles the guys. The investigators suspect that prepping the mine with explosions and testing could release more paranormal energy that had been absorbed in the past in the mine’s veins of quartz.

Not much happens in the first episode; it’s mostly set-up for both crews. But you can see the tensions rising as Doyle and Luman try to limit their investigations to the miners’ downtime and aren’t always able to accommodate. They do get a couple of EVPs (I don’t know if it was the sound on the test disc, but I didn’t hear anything close to what they said they heard on playback) and a creepy shadow figure passing through a laser grid.

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