Ghostbusters The Board Game Sequel Launches On Kickstarter


Cryptozoic Entertainment launched a Kickstarter for Ghostbusters: The Board Game, a game which followed familiar elements and characters from the Ghostbusters films and comic book series. The Kickstarter ends on Monday, May 9.

The new game continues to feature miniature characters of the Ghostbusters, the ECTO-1, and ghosts. This time, Vigo, the ghost trapped in the painting, is one of the featured new miniatures, along with a 100mm tall Washington Square Ghost. Plus, there is a whole lot of mood ooze, which many fans will remember from the Ghostbusters II film. It will also have elements from the first film and comic series as well. Nothing from the upcoming 2016 film will be featured in this game.

The new additions to the game are more appealing to longtime board gamers, without alienating new players who bought the first game simply because of franchise recognition. However, it will still feature Erik Burnham on the story and Dan Shoening on the art, the creative team behind the Ghostbusters comic at IDW.

Pledge levels include $80 for the basic game, $125 for the deluxe edition game, which also features stretch-goals, and more expensive levels after that, where the person pledging can have his or her likeness put into the game. Cryptozoic is looking to raise $250,000 for the game. Campaign reached the $190,000 mark in an hour.

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