Gift Ideas for the Man that Has Everything

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Boys have the times of their lives playing games children. Then they become teens and all games fail to provide that same feeling. From boyhood to manhood and beyond, teen years to adulthood, the male species develops an acquired preference for games so getting a gift for a man can be a challenge. There are many things to consider. They cannot just sit up all night and play video games, maybe they do not have the time, energy, or senses like they used to. With that being said, find out what he likes to do, what new hobbies he’s been getting into lately and tailor your gift idea to his lifestyle. Here are a few examples of how you would go about mastering this challenging task.


Look into his physical activity tendencies. Does he go to the gym, jog, or run? Does he play any sports? If so does he do them with friends, or alone? If the answer is yes, then you want to choose a popular gift such as ping pong. Here are a few reasons why ping pong might be the way to go.


Ping pong is portable—If you’ve noticed that he doesn’t jog or run on a treadmill, but he tends to enjoy the warm weather, then ping pong is perfect. Adjustable tables allow for men to bring their ping pong tables outdoors.

Multiplayer—Ping Pong is a game that you can play with multiple players and because it requires a table, it is a game that can have various uses.  Remove the paddle, and add in beverages and you have soda or beer pong depending on the occasion.


Considering other factors in an older man’s lifestyle, what if a ping pong table just isn’t the way to go? Why not look into arcade games for sale. You can look at arcade games as “blast from the past” gifts. You can bring back fond memories in an innovative gift. Purely because quality has been reinvented in older games. Here’s how you approach arcade games.

For the man who isn’t hyperactive, and spends most of his times renovating his home, or reading. A man whom is strategic, and thoughtful, and home oriented may love a traditional game mashed with new age style.  For example picture a Pac-man cocktail table, which is majestically something that is a combination of both game and accessory. On the tabletop you have the classic Pac-man arcade game, however, below you have storage so this game is useful for more than just entertainment.

While these games are not as popular as they once were they can still be purchased online or in stores such as The Playdium Store. If you shop around a bit you can often find old arcade games and ping pond tables in decent condition and at a good price.


In conclusion it seems that games will never go out of style for any man. You just have to find the right games that fit into what is in style for him. Whether it is exercise, family time, and so on, there is a game perfect for him. A final tip is that typically board games or table games are multiplayer. However, if he ever desired to play a game alone he wouldn’t be able to. This is why arcade games come in handy; they offer multiplayer function as well as single player. Most men with say they have everything they need, but with a game from their youth, you can remind them they don’t.

Author:  Jeremy Thompson is a freelance writer from Toronto, Ontario and is an avid games enthusiast.

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