Global Warming: Planet Is Changing and There is No Plan B

Climate change may seem complicated or like a far-away thing that doesn’t matter to your daily life–but it DOES. It’s here, happening now, and already jeopardizing the things we need for survival. You just have to know where to look.

Water reservoirs are dwindling.


Lake Mead, Nevada


Lake Powell, Utah


Drought in California


It is bad for everyone


A hotter, more toxic atmosphere isn’t the only negative consequence of melting Arctic ice.


Recently, every rainy season in the San Blas Islands brings massive flooding as a result of rising ocean levels caused by global warming. In the foreground, a traffic sign reading “Slow Down” is partially submerged.

And what if polar ice melts completely, as many scientists say it will if we can’t stop climate change?


While the oceans are swelling, they’re also warming up and becoming more acidic


Scientists say the warmer, toxic nature of the ocean could be what’s causing massive fish die-offs around the world.


Warmer waters also give rise to other nasty stuff, like algae blooms.

Toledo-Algae-Bloom-2-934x Scientists say that the bloom was caused by heavy rainfall that washed larger than normal amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants into the lake. As climate change progresses, severe precipitation, in places that don’t usually get lots of rain, will become more common. This puts every single lake, river, and stream in jeopardy of the same algae bloom that recently devastated the Great Lakes region.

Speaking of extreme weather:


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