Godzilla Poster And Footage Description

During the Warner Bros. panel, Legendary Pictures surprised 6500 fans with a teaser trailer for Gareth Edwards (Monsters) Godzilla, and it was awesomely explosive! Not that there were any explosions in the teaser, but it shook the hell out of Hall!

Godzilla Poster And Footage Description

The footage fades in and we see a massively destroyed city landscape, with people standing around wondering what in the hell just happened. The camera pans across the devastated city revealing buildings torn up buildings with giant holes in them. Godzilla has obviously smashed his way through them. We then see a six-armed monster laying dead in the city rubble. There’s a lot of dust flooding the screen, but we can see Godzilla through the dust. The camera moves up his back, and we see the scales and horns on his back and tail. As it gets up to the top of his head he turns, we see his profile, he lets out the signature blood curdling booming scream, and then it ends.

The monster can’t be seen well due to the dust, but it was enough to get the crowd extremely pumped up to see this movie!

The trailer also includes a paraphrased quote from the Bhagavad Gita that was once spoken by J. Robert Oppenheimer, a participant in with Manhattan Project.

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