Good Old Fairy-Tales Can Help You Raise a Genius


Where to get good fairytales for your children?

Who does not want their children to be smart and creative and one day become a real genius? The answer is obvious: all parents want it. They send them to special pre-schools and force them to study all kinds of extra curriculum subjects. Unfortunately, a lot of the parents do not understand that fairy tales are their biggest ally in raising a genius. I know you are already intrigued by this topic, but let us first find out where parents can find good fairy tales for their children.

The first source I will recommend you using is Goodreads website, which is a platform where you rate the books you read and leave your reviews, and with time, the website generates recommendations for you based on the books you read previously.

How fairy tales help raise genius children

First of all, fairytales boost your children’s imagination. They only see the pictures on the pages of a book and have to picture the rest with their imagination. You can conduct a little experiment with your child: ask him/her to draw the main character of your book, and be sure your child will be able to draw this character with all the little details like the color of their eyes and length of their hair. Imagination, in its turn, is an essential tool for your little ones’ development as well as for their future success. Just think of it: all the businesses were first created in the head of an entrepreneur.

On top of that, fairy tales give kids hope. Children always hope that good will triumph over evil and their character will gain the victory in the long run. These stories teach them never to give up. Just think of this: I am sure that Edison’s mother read fairy tales to him, and it helped him in the long run not to lose hope in the invention he believed could change the life of the whole humanity. A lot of our children will come up with ideas they picked up from the books that will seem absolutely crazy to us, but they might as well turn out to be new great discoveries.

And just one last example. My personal inspiration is Jules Verne. He wrote in his books about things that did not exist and only were made many years after his books were published. He truly was a dreamer. And your child will need to be a dreamer too in order to achieve more in his/her life. Therefore, fairytales are an absolute must-read for your kids if you want to help them grow geniuses.

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