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Google Contacts App

Choosing between an iPhone and an Android phone for the apps is hard enough – but when you have to carefully select your Android phone because some of the apps are only available on certain handsets it can make it ten times as hard. Because many different brands of smartphones support Android there is no central place to download ALL of the available apps like there is on iOS. This means that certain apps work on certain devices and one of the main ones that some Android users feel they have always missed out on is the Google contacts app.


What is the Google contacts app?

The Google contacts app is one of the most popular apps in the Android Market. With many different cross-platform apps available for different things like Whatsapp for messaging, CMC Markets for online trading, Spotify for music, and Gmail for emails, Google contacts is one of the next larger apps to be able to make everyone’s lives easier. The great thing about Google contacts is that it integrates everything you use on Google. Not only is it just a contacts app but it also works together with your Gmail and your Google drive. Google Contacts is the app that centralizes more or less everything else you use on your Android phone, so it is little wonder that customers have called for it to be available on more types of Android operating systems than it already is.


What has changed?

Previously the only way that Android customers have been able to get their hands on the super-efficient contacts app is by getting a smartphone that is either a Pixel, Nexus, or an Android One phone as these are the only devices that support the version of Android Google contacts is available with. It isn’t as if Android users of other smartphones had not found an alternative. Sensing a gap in the market many app makers managed to use alternative software to fill in the gaps, however, this was not what Google’s long-term plan was, and needless to say the integration was nowhere near as good as it is with a specifically designed Google app.

In a highly anticipated movie, Google has now released a version of Google contacts that will work on ANY device that is operating Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. This means that from now on it is only going to be people with seriously older devices that are going to miss out on the convenience of everything being available on one app. The great thing about this is not only will more smartphone users now be able to take advantage of the app but they will also be able to use the app on their Galaxy S8. It has become quite to running joke that the in-house built-in alternative to Google contacts on the Galaxy S8 is incredibly inadequate in comparison so this news will no doubt please tablet users everywhere.


What are the benefits of Google contacts?

One of the biggest benefits of the google contacts app is the fact that you can switch between accounts so easily. With Google now overtaking Yahoo as the world’s largest free email provider, many companies are taking advantage of the ease of use and reasonable price of Google’s premium email accounts. This is all well and good until you accidentally nearly send a personal email to a client because switching between the two accounts is hard to do when you are accessing from a mobile web browser.

As well as having a great tie-in between all of the Google applications you need to use on a day-to-day basis, Google plays a lot fairer than Apple when it comes to third-party integration. As Youtube is owned by them it goes without saying that this pairs very well with the Google contacts app. Other social media channels like Facebook connect incredibly easily to Google contacts and it cleverly works with all of your social media channels and email channels to suggest contacts that you may be interested in.


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