Google Exec Quietly Breaks Highest Jump World Record

Google Exec Quietly Breaks Highest Jump World Record

Alan took off in a 35,000 cubic ft. helium balloon. After ascending to a height of 135,890 ft (41,419 m) he freed himself from the balloon, reaching a top speed of 822 mph/1322 km/h and setting off a small sonic broom in the process. He returned safely to Earth in about 15 minutes.

The previous record set by Felix Baumgartner on 14 October 2012 was 128,100 ft. The New York Times says, “Eustace planned the jump in secrecy, working for almost three years with a small group of technologists”. Eustace said Google was willing to help with the project, but he declined company support, worried that his jump would become a marketing event.

You can read more of the exclusive story on the New York Times.

Photograph by J. Martin Harris Photography / PSDC

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